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A "feminist perspective" in fisheries builds on the fact that women of fishing communities take on multidimensional roles that straddle both production and reproduction...


Role of Women in Aquaculture
In several countries around the world, women are involved in aquaculture-related activities. Aquaculture, in cases, offers an alternative source of income and employment. Even though sex-disaggregated data on employment in the aquaculture sector is rarely available, women are known to be a critical part of the production process, from pre-harvest and harvest, to post-harvest processing. Much of women’s work in aquaculture is unrecognized and unpaid. To what extent has the development aquaculture helped to empower women, economically and socially? What are the constraints to, and opportunities for, the participation of women in the aquaculture sector? To what extent are the high returns promised by aquaculture at the cost of increasing environmental degradation and pollution? What has the rapid development of aquaculture meant for fisherwomen, who have traditionally played a significant role in conserving and managing aquatic resources? In what ways can the capacity of women to engage in aquaculture be enhanced, and productivity increased? The documents under this theme touch on the above issues.
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  • :Role of Women in Aquaculture,Women in Fisheries,Status of Women,Role of Women

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  • :Role of Women in Aquaculture,Role of Women,Women and Resources Management
  • :India

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  • :Role of Women in Aquaculture,Women in Fisheries
  • :India

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  • :Role of Women in Aquaculture,Women in Fisheries,Women and Resources Management
  • :European Union

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  • :Role of Women in Aquaculture,Women and Resources Management
  • :Solomon Islands

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  • :Role of Women in Aquaculture,Women in Fisheries
  • :India

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  • :Role of Women in Aquaculture

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  • :Role of Women in Aquaculture,Women and Resources Management

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  • :Role of Women in Aquaculture

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  • :Role of Women in Aquaculture

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