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A "feminist perspective" in fisheries builds on the fact that women of fishing communities take on multidimensional roles that straddle both production and reproduction...


Community based management
Kumar, Mukul, K Saravanan and Nityanand Jayaraman, 2014. Mapping the Coastal Commons Fisherfolk and the Politics of Coastal Urbanisation in Chennai. Economic & Political Weekly, Vol XLIX no 48. November 29, 2014
  • :Right to Resources,Recognition and Policy,Community based management
  • :India

Nguyen Thi Kim Anh (2012). Community-based Co-management in Vietnamese fisheries. The case of the Fisheries Associations in Tam Giang-Cau Hai Lagoon. Master Thesis in Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Economics, The Norwegian College of Fisher
  • :Co-management,Community based management
  • :Vietnam

Worldfish, The Legal Background to Community Based Fisheries Management in Bangladesh.
  • :Legal Issues,Community based management
  • :Bangladesh

Lal, Anir and Veikila Vuki. The historical development of seaweed farming, including roles of men and women, and prospects for its future development in Fiji. SPC Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin #21, pp11-16, December 2010.
  • :Women and Resources Management,Community based management
  • :Fiji

Mehra, Rekham Margaret Alcott and Nilda S. Baling. 1993.. Women’s Participation in the Cogtong Bay Mangrove Management Project: A Case Study. International Center for Research on Women, Washington D.C. and WWF, Washington D.C.
  • :Women and Resources Management,Community based management
  • :Philippines

Sultana, P., P.M. Thompson and M. Ahmed. 2002. Women-led Fisheries Management – A Case Study from Bangladesh..
  • :Women and Resources Management,Community based management
  • :Bangladesh

Soumare, Arona. 2006.. Senegal Role of Women in a Model of Community Management of Fish Resources and Marine Environments, Cayar. Gender and Water Alliance
  • :Women and Resources Management,Community based management

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