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A "feminist perspective" in fisheries builds on the fact that women of fishing communities take on multidimensional roles that straddle both production and reproduction...


Status of Women
There have been several efforts to understand, document and visibilize the status of women in the fisheries sector. Several crucial issues are relevant to understanding gender issues within the fisheries sector, and the implications of change. What is the status of women within fishing communities? Do they have control over economic assets and incomes? Do they have an important role in decision-making within the family and community? Is the socioeconomic and political status of women of fishing communities different from their agrarian counterparts, given that they have greater mobility and more extensive dealings with the outside world in their role as sellers of fish? Have processes of modernization and technological change within fisheries enhanced women’s political and economic power? Or have they, mediated by patriarchal norms, further undervalued, marginalized and exploited their labour? Have women managed to “cross over” economically? When they have “crossed over” economically, have they also been able to “cross over” socially, challenging the patriarchal construction of gender? The documents under this theme explore various facets of the status of women’s status and gender relations within fishing communities, especially in view of recent technological and other changes and processes of economic globalization.
Quist, Cornelie and Nayak, Nalini. 2018. Evolving a feminist perspective in fisheries and the history of the Women in Fisheries Programme (1993-2014) of the ICSF, GAF7 Bangkok 18-21 October 2018
  • :Role of Women in Aquaculture,Women in Fisheries,Status of Women,Role of Women

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  • :Women in Fisheries,Status of Women
  • :Cambodia

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  • :Status of Women

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  • :Status of Women,Struggles and Movements

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  • :Status of Women

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  • :Status of Women

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  • :Status of Women,Role of Women

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  • :Status of Women,Role of Women

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  • :Globalization,Status of Women

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  • :Status of Women,Role of Women

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