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A "feminist perspective" in fisheries builds on the fact that women of fishing communities take on multidimensional roles that straddle both production and reproduction...


Report of the workshop for West Africa - Francophone women - Mbour (Senegal), 5 October 2016
  • :Women in Fisheries
  • :Africa

Sharon Groenmeyer (2014) Confronting stereotypes in the fishing industry in post-apartheid South Africa: A case study of women on the West Coast in the Western Cape, South Africa, African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, 6:
  • :Women in Fisheries
  • :South Africa

Lam, VWY ,WWL Cheung, W Swartz and UR Sumaila. Climate change impacts on fisheries in West Africa: implications for economic, food and nutritional security. African Journal of Marine Science. 34:1, 103-117, DOI: 10.2989/1814232X.2012.673294
  • :Climate change and fisheries
  • :Africa

Dorothy B. Kakongoro Kabugo, Rhoda Tumwebaze, Peter Kibas and James Jjumbe. Gender Disparities on Women’s Livelihoods in Small Scale Fishers, Uganda. Nkumba Business Journal (NBJ), ISSN: 1564-068X, Volume 13, Oct. 2014, pp. 37-57;
  • :Women in Fisheries
  • :Uganda

Porter, M. (2012). Why the Coast Matters for Women: A Feminist Approach to Research on Fishing Communities. Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries: Moving the Agenda Forward Asian Fisheries Science Special Issue Vol.25S (2012):59-73
  • :Women in Fisheries
  • :Canada, Tanzania

M.R. Sowman, R. Rajagopalan, C. Sharma, and J. Sunde. (2014)Making space for small-scale fishing communities: Use and misuse of spatial management instruments. Chapter 24 in ‘Governance of Marine Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation: Interaction
  • :Marine Protected Areas
  • :India, South Africa

NORAD, (April 2014). Study of fisheries and aquaculture value chains in Mozambique. How to reduce gender discrimination in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors.( Cecile Brugere International Consultant and Bodil Maal LIRE/Norad). Norad report 4/20
  • :Women in Fisheries,Women and Resources Management
  • :Mozambique

Andy Thorpe, Nicky Pouw, Andrew Baio, Ranita Sandi, Ernest Tom Ndomahina & Thomas Lebbie (2014). Fishing Na Everybody Business”: Women's Work and Gender Relations in Sierra Leone's Fisheries. Feminist Economics, Volume 20, Issue 3, 2014. DOI:10.108
  • :Women in Fisheries
  • :Sierra Leone

UNCTAD, 2014. The Fisheries Sector in the Gambia: Trade, Value Addition and Social Inclusiveness, with a Focus on Women
  • :Women in Fisheries
  • :Gambia

Fröcklin, Sara, Maricela de la Torre-Castro, Lars Lindström, and Narriman S. Jiddawi. Fish Traders as Key Actors in Fisheries: Gender and Adaptive Management. Ambio. 2013 December; 42(8): 951–962. Published online 2013 November 9. doi: 10.1007/s
  • :Women in Fisheries
  • :Tanzania

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